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Replicate Business Action Plan #

To replicate a Business Action Plan from one partner to another involves transferring the Objectives, Activities , Tactics and tactic Details from one partner to another one.

How to Replicate the Business Action Plan #

Below are the steps to replicate the Business Action Plan:

Step 1: Click on the Replicate Goals & Action Plan from side navigation.

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Step 2: Choose the Source Partner. This partner’s plan will be duplicated for the other partner. Only partners who have created the Business Action Plan will be shown in the dropdown menu for the Source Partner. Only single partner can be selected as a Source Partner.

Step 3: Select the Destination Partner. This is the partner to whom the plan will be replicated from the Source Partner. Only partners who have not created a Business Plan will be displayed in the Destination Partner Dropdown. Multiple Partners can be selected as a Destination Partner.

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