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Successful Channels integrates with all of your existing channel systems including PRM, CRM, ERP, LMS, and any other system. Below is a description of the integration methods supported by Successful Channels



  • Is the (IDP) Identity Provider
  • Is the (SP) Service Provider

User Experience Integration

  • Hosts the page for the iframe
  • Provides iFrame embed code, reads the SAML 2.0 assertion, and serves the UI

Automated Date Sync

Installs the SC managed package and maps the objects and data fields for automated bi-directional data synchronization.

Manual Date Sync

Successful Channels provides a manual data upload method for disconnected data sources. SC can work on automated data integration with new sources over time

Mkt Plan / Funds Mgmt. System Integ.

Successful Channels provides an automatic integration between the creation of marketing plans into a pre-approved MDF request

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