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Introduction #

Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties, specifically between an identity provider (IdP) and a service provider (SP). It allows secure web domains to exchange user authentication and authorization data. Using SAML, an online service provider can contact a separate online identity provider to authenticate users who are trying to access secure content.

Here – Successfulchannels is the SP and Client is the IDP

Successful Channels (SP) initiated SSO:  #

Below are the the List of SP Settings Field Values:

<clientname> – you will get the clientname from the URL as mentioned in the below screenshot. In below example – development is the clientname.

Meta Data URL: #<clientname>/metadata.php

Endpoint URL: #

SSO Endpoint Identifier:<clientname>/index.php?acs

Preferred Binding URL: #<clientname>/index.php

IDP initiated SSO  #

While configuring an Identity Provider (IDP) for SAML integration with a Service Provider (Successfulchannels), you’ll need to provide specific below information to Successfulchannels Team.

  1. EntityId  
  2. singleSignOnService 
  3. singleLogoutService  
  4. x509cert 

Additional Parameters required from IDP #

Right now, 2 methods are exposed to access Successfulchannels through SAML.  

(a) Partner Contact Interface 

(b) CAM Interface 

Parameters required to Access Partner Contact Interface #

emailRequiredEmail address of Partner
primary_partner_idRequiredName of partner primary ID222233sssddss
user_idOptionalThe contact ID of the user789098AQ1
first_nameRequiredName of Partner First NameSteve
last_nameRequiredName of Partner Last NameJohnson
partner_typeRequired If Partner_type=”Vendor” – it will redirect to CAM interface. And if Partner Type=”Partner” – it will redirect to Partner Contact Interface
cityOptionalCity  of Partner MemberNewyork
stateOptionalState of Partner MemberLA
countryOptionalCountry of Partner MemberUSA
zipcodeOptionalZip code  of Partner Member321901
phoneOptionalPhone Number of Partner Member+1-9999999999
addressOptionalAddress of Partner Member#301 West Valley City
titleOptionalTitle of Partner MemberTest Title

Parameters required to Access CAM Interface #

Parameter nameTypeDescriptionExample
EmailRequiredEmail address of
user_idOptionalThe primary ID of CAM if user_id is empty, we generate it randomly at our end
first_nameRequiredFirst Name of the CAMBen
last_nameRequiredLast Name of the CAM  Stock
partner_typeRequired If partner_type=” Vendor” – it will redirect to the CAM interface. And if Partner Type=” Partner” – it will turn to Partner Contact Interface.
titleOptionalCAM TitleTest Title
companyOptionalCam Company NameTest Company Name
cityOptionalCAM CityNewyork
stateOptionalCAM StateWashington
countryOptionalCAM Country NameUSA
zipcodeOptionalCAM Zip Code98101

Error Codes for SAML #

CAM Error message:

1002 – CAM Name is Required.

1003 – Email ID is required or invalid.

1006 – Partner type is invalid.

Partner Member Error message:

1002 – Partner Member Name is Required.

1003 – Email ID is required or invalid.

1004 – Partner Primary ID is required.

1005 – Partner ID Doesn’t Exists.

1006 – Partner type is invalid.

Script to Resize the iFrame and iFrame Integration for SAML SSO #

<script type="text/javascript" src=></script>
<style>.iframecode {width: 100%;} </style>
<iframe src="IDP  initiated URL Provided by Client" scrolling="true" class="iframecode"/>
<script type="text/javascript">
log : true,
checkOrigin : false,
inPageLinks : true,

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