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Introduction #

Whatever Goals are set to achieve success are displayed on Task Manager. Tasks are derived from Capabilities Scorecard and Goals & Action Plan. The Task Manager helps to manage all the tasks on a single page. It displays the Task title to briefly describe the task. Other attributes that define the status of the task such as the Actual Task Completion, Task Completion Logs are also included in this page. Here is the flow of the Task Manager:

Task Manager Workflow (Task Notifications Deactivated) #

Easily Update, Filter, and Track Tasks with Color Codes #

Users can see tasks from various apps. They can edit tasks by selecting and updating them easily. Tasks can be filtered by Actual Task Completion, Completion dates, and more. Color codes indicate task status.

Users have the choice to select or ignore recommended tasks.

Customize Your View by Status, Title, and Dates #

Users can customize task sorting based on their preferences using a filter. The sorting options include:

1. Task Title: Alphabetical sorting is applied to task titles when this option is selected.

2. Actual Task Completion: Tasks are sorted by status, with “Not Started” tasks appearing first, followed by “In Progress,” “Completed,” and finally, “Recommended.” This default option is pre-selected upon page visit.

3. Start Date: Tasks are arranged with the latest started tasks appearing first when this sorting option is chosen.

4. Last Updated Date: Sorting is based on the latest updates to tasks, with the most recently updated tasks at the top.

5. Planned Completion Date: Tasks are sorted with the latest planned completion dates at the top.

6. Actual Completion Date: Sorting is done based on the latest completed tasks, placing them at the top.

Advanced Filters for Your Selection #

Users can refine task searches further using advanced filters according to their needs. These options work based on the chosen “Sort by” field. Here are the choices: Tasks listed on the page.

  1. All Tasks: If this option is selected the selection made in the first filter will be applicable to all the tasks listed on the page.

2. Not Started: If this option is selected the selection made in the first filter will be applicable only to the “Not Started” tasks listed on the page.

3. In Progress: If this option is selected the selection made in the first filter will be applicable only to the “In Progress” tasks listed on the page.

4. Completed: If this option is selected the selection made in the first filter will be applicable only to the “Completed” tasks listed on the page.

5. Recommended: If this option is selected the selection made in the first filter will be applicable only to the “Recommended” tasks listed on the page.

Task Manager Table Guide: What Each Column Means #

Task Source: This column tells us where the task comes from. Tasks can come from three places: Capabilities Scorecard, Business Action Plan, and End Customer Account Planning.

Task Title: The Task Title is the name given to a task that needs to be achieved. It’s all about reaching the goal

Update Tasks Here: It displays the count of tasks completed vs. all tasks( for e.g., If there are total 10 fields for a task and 6 are completed, then it will display 6 of 10. In addition to this user can mark the task completion on clicking this 6 of 10 count. Below is the list of details of the Task. Required fields need to be filled in order to Save the Task Details.

Actual Task Completion: The colored circles next to Actual Task Completion signify the task status: red for “Not Started,” yellow for “In Progress,” green for “Completed,” and orange for tasks recommended by the admin. Red means the task hasn’t started, yellow indicates it’s in progress, and green signifies completion. Users can choose to follow or ignore recommended tasks based on their preference.

Task Completion Logs: It defiens the various aspects of the Tasks. These all have different meaning:

Start Date: It indicates when the task begins. The system automatically generates this date. If the Completion Status changes from Not Started to In Progress or from Not Started to Completed, the Start Date is filled in.

Last Updated Date: It shows when the task was recently modified. This date is automatically generated by the system.

Planned Completion Date: It sets a target date for achieving the goal based on the plan. By default, the planned date is the current date plus 30 days, but users can change it.

Actual Completion Date: It tells when a task is done. When you mark it as completed, the system records the actual completion date. You can change this date whenever you need to.

Hide Completed Tasks: Click “Hide Task” to tidy up and focus on things that need attention, leaving out the completed ones. These hidden tasks stay hidden until you click “Restore Hidden/Completed Tasks,” which only shows up when tasks are hidden. It makes your task list simpler and more focused.

Task Manager Workflow (Task Notifications Activated) #

Task Manager Columns (When Task Notifications is Activated) #





Upon activating the Task Notifications workflow, two additional columns, namely Channel Team Task Owner(s) and Partner Task Owner(s), are added to the Task Manager View. These columns represent users to whom tasks can be assigned, and they have the ability to update the task status and other associated fields, all without requiring additional editing access.

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