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Manage Forecast Year
  • Admin can add forecast year for all applications.
  • Admin can choose marketing action plan and other applications by click on the Manage Fiscal Year(s) for dropdown.
  • Add forecast year for all applications is same except Marketing Action Plan.
  • Because for other applications, Start Date is from 1st day of month and End Date always be 30th last day of month. But for Marketing Action Plan there is nothing like that. Start Date and End Date will be any date of month. Randomly chosen.
  • Admin can set End year and to add new forecast year by clicking on the Click Here to Add New Forecast Year.
  • End month will be after 12 months from the start month.
  • If June is the start date, then End Month will be May.
  • Click on Save button to save the changes and on clicking the cancel button nothing will change.

1.2 Add Forecast Year For Marketing Action Plan #

Add forecast year for Marketing Action Plan
  • Admin can edit or view manage forecast year for every year by click on edit/ view button.
  • Admin can set Annually, Semi-Annually and Quaterly start and end date here.
  • Admin can click on the calender icon to choose the start date and end date for Annually.
  • In Semi-Annually, start date of H1 and end date of H2 will be same with the start and end date of annually respectfully.
  • Similarlly in Quaterly, Start date of Q1 and end date of Q4 will be same with the start and end date of annually respectfully.
  • Click on back button to go back to Manage Forecast Year page.
Click Here to Add New Forecast Year
  • Admin can Add New Fiscal Year for Marketing Action Plan by selecting the Start Date and End Date.
  • “Start Date” and “End Date” will choose randomly but End Date always greater than from the Start Date.
  • To save click on Save button.
  • After save, it will create a new row and admin can edit that on clicking the Edit Button.

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