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CAM Level QBR #

A CAM Level Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is a report that helps Channel Directors to see how well the Channel Managers are doing. It is the roll up reports for the Channel manager that can be accessed by the Channel Director.

How to access the CAM Level QBR #

To access the CAM Level QBR, Click on QBR’s, then click on the Channel Account Manager Name for which the Channel Director wants to review the QBR.

After clicking on the Channel Account Manager Name a page displays where the QBR reports are displaying.

The first report on this page, that has the background light blue, is the client default report. This report will always be there. This report can not be edited or deleted, it can only be downloaded in the PDF format.

Create a New CAM QBR Report #

Follow below steps to create a new CAM QBR Report:

Step 1: Click on Add New button.

Step 2: On clicking the Add New button, Channel Director will be on a page where he can create a new report.

Add Report Name and Description and select the components that Channel Director wants to be included in the report.

Step 3: Click on Save button, to save the report.

Export the QBR Report #

There is only one supported format that is available for the CAM Level QBR Exports – PDF Format.

PDF Export for CAM QBR Reports: It downloads the CAM QBR report in PDF format in the Portrait view. Refer the screenshot below:

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