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Manage Your Accounts #

This page appears to serve multiple purposes related to partner management, plan approval, and task assignment. Here’s a breakdown of the key functionalities and permissions as described:

Partner Access and Hierarchy #

(a) The page displays a list of all partners associated with the logged-in CAM.

(b) It shows list of direct and indirect partner associations based on the CAM’s role and region. For example, if a Login CAM is a Regional Director (e.g., R1 Director of ECOM), they can access information about all partners under ECOM CAMs, including their own direct partners.

(c) Each partner’s listing includes the name of their primary CAM

Plan Approval Process #

(a) The CAM can approve plans submitted by partners, contingent on having the necessary approval permissions.

(b) If a CAM lacks approval permissions, they are advised to contact an Administrator to obtain access.

Plan Access and Modification #

(a) CAMs with “Access Plan” permission can view and modify partners’ plans.

(b) CAMs without modification permissions can still view plans and download them as PDF files for review.

Roles and Permissions #

The system defines several roles on the admin side, impacting functionalities available on this page:

Can Assign to Tasks: Allows CAMs to assign tasks to partners or other team members.

Can Access Plan: Grants CAMs the ability to access and review partner plans.

Can Approve Plans: Enables CAMs to approve or reject plans submitted by partners.

Can Approve Funds: Allows CAMs to approve financial allocations or fund requests from partners.

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