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Manage Approvals #

Acceptance and Approvals for the Business Plan are managed by Account Contacts and Channel Team Members, respectively. Account Contacts are responsible for Plan Acceptance, QBR Acceptance (if activated) on the other hand Plan Approval is done by Channel Team Members. Plan Approval can occur even if the plan has not been accepted.

The Manage Approvals page is divided into three sections:

  1. Partner Plan Approval
  2. QBR Acceptance (if activated)
  3. Comment Summary

Partner Plan Approval #

Below are the steps to Approve Partners Business Plan:

Step 1: To approve a plan for a partner in the Channel Account Manager dashboard, find the partner’s name and look for the “Approve Plan” button next to it.

Step 2: On the Plan Approval Table, there are colored circles displaying. Simply click on the circle to approve the plan for the chosen period.

On the left side, you’ll see the Partner Plan Acceptance Status, which can not be modified by Channel Account Managers. On the right side, you’ll find the Partner Plan Approval Status, which can be modified by Channel Account Managers.

Step 3: When Channel Account Manager click on the colored circle, a pop-up window will appear. From this window, Channel Account Manager can select the period for which he want to approve the plan.

Step 4: Channel Account Manager can mark the plan as approved by adding signatures in three different ways:

  • Select Signature: It offers the default signature style, featuring the Channel Account Manager’s name. Each signature option is listed for selection. Channel Account Manager can choose any signature they prefer to display in the Signatures column.
  • Create your own Signature: This allows Channel Account Managers to draw their own signatures using the mouse pointer. Channel Account Managers can move the cursor over the provided space and create their signature directly on the designated area.
  • Upload Signature: It enables Channel Account Managers to upload signatures from their local system. They can select a signature file saved on their computer and upload it directly to the system for use.

Reverse Approvals #

If approvals are made in error, Channel Account Managers can reverse it by clicking on the Reverse Approvals hyperlink. This action will undo the approvals, reverting them back to their previous state.

QBR Acceptance (if activated) #

QBR Acceptance refers to the process or mechanism through which Quarterly Business Review (QBR) are accepted within a system. It will only display if activated from admin. It typically involves reviewing and validating quarterly business reports or plans before they are officially accepted by designated Account Contacts

The Channel Account Managers only have the access to view the QBR Acceptance, but not modify.

Comment Summary #

This section provides a concise overview or summary of comments associated with the plan. Comments are the means of communication channel between the Channel Managers and the Account Contacts. It is displaying just below the QBR Acceptance.

Manage Plan Approvals Status #

It is a page that provides a comprehensive overview of approvals related to partner plans within the system. It displays approved and pending approvals for partner plans. By presenting this information in a straightforward manner, Channel Account Managers can easily track the approvals of partner plans and take appropriate actions(for approvals) as needed.

Channel Account Managers can also check the Partner wise Acceptance and Approvals by clicking on Click to View Acceptance across All Partner(s).

On this page Channel Account Managers can check the Partners Acceptance and Approvals for the selected year by Partner and by Channel Team Member.

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