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Business Action Plan gives an overview of the goals you’ve set for your business and the actions you will take to achieve them. The purpose of a Business Action Plan is to set the goals, create a timeline of what specific task need to be completed and determine what resources are required to reach the business goal.

Add Goal #

Add Goal
    Click on the Goal dropdown and select the goal.

Add Activity #

Add Activity
How Click on the Activity dropdown and select the Activity. Without selecting the Goal user can not select the Activity. Based on the Goal selected the Activity dropdown displays the data.

Add Task & Tactics #

Add Task & Tactics
What An activity is a task that you need to complete for your goal.
How Click on the Task & Tactic s dropdown and select multiple Tactics. Without selecting the Activity user can not select the Task & Tactics.

Completion Status In Plan Visualization View #

Activity Completion Status
  1.  represents that Goals details are completed along with the Task & Tactic Details.
  2. represents that Goals details and Tactic Details are incomplete. Completion is monitored if all the required fields in Task & Tactic Details are filled or not.

View Your Plan #

View Plan Button
What View Plan is to display the details of Goal,Activity and Task & Tactic selected during the plan creation. It also display the Task & Tactic Details.
How Click on view plan button, this displays a pop up. Review your plan and close the pop up.

Create Your Own #

Create Your Own
Why If user do not intend to use the pre-defined Goals, then user can create its own custom new Goal..
  1. User can create your own for Goal , Activity and Task & Tactic.
  2. Click on create your own.
  3. Enter Two – word Goal.
  4. Enter full Goal
  5. Do similar steps for creating custom Activity (click on “Create your own” link for Activity).
  6. Do similar steps for creating custom Task & Tactics (click on “Create your own” link for Task & Tactics).

Full Task Title #

Full Task Title
What It is the full title added for the selected Tactic in dashboard.
  1. User will not enter this field. It will be populated when Task & Tactic is selected.
  2. If custom tactic is created using “Create your Own”, then the Full Task title will be created at time of creating the Task & Tactic.

Completion Status #

Completion Status
What Completion status defines the completion status of the activity.
  1. Go to Completion Status.
  2. Click on the dropdown icon
  3. Select any from the options. i.e., not started, in-progress and completed.

Planned Achievement Date #

Planned Achievement Date
Why It defines when the goal achieved according to the plan.
  1. Go to Planned Achievement date.
  2. Click on the input field.
  3. A calendar should display.
  4. Select a date.

Notes #

Why These are the notes or we can say the comments that are added by the Partner Contact or Channel Team Member.
  1. Go to notes.
  2. Click on text field.
  3. Enter the notes.

Save Button #

Save Button
How User can save the Task & Tactic Details by clicking on this Save button.

Delete Button #

Delete Button
  1. User can delete the Tactic by clicking on the Delete Button.
  2. After clicking the Delete button, a pop up shown that do you want to delete the Tactic? It has two buttons like Yes and No.
  3. On clicking Yes, Tactic is deleted and clicking on No, there is no change.

Add Button #

Add Button
How If the User wants to create a new Tactic, then click on Add Button.

Plan Visualization And Status #

Search Bar
Why To view the hierarchy and search.
  • Go to search bar.
  • Click on the text box.
  • Enter Tactic name.
Export Button
    To download your plan, that you have created and saved.
    It will display the complete Business Plan in excel format to use for offline purposes.


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