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It is Time to Transform the Channel Industry – Committed Partnerships Through One-Click QBRs

It is Time to Transform the Channel Industry – Committed Partnerships Through One-Click QBRs

The way we do business and go about our daily lives has changed forever. How we conduct business, how we work and how we build business relationships. Why not take this opportunity to transform how we do business with our channel partners? Partnerships represent an opportunity for business growth because of the reach, expertise, and market coverage that they offer a brand. But in 2022 they continue to be poorly managed, nurtured, and measured. Today, most brands only scratch the surface of the potential for their channel.

But there is an innovative approach just available to completely transform the way channel partnerships are managed. All the historical barriers of setting program goals, tracking performance, and conducting quarterly business reviews (QBRs) have been lifted.

Channel partnerships will never be the same – Introducing the One-Click Quarterly Business Review Report Builder:
Managing channel partnerships just got infinitely easier for channel executives. One of the biggest struggles for Channel Managers is the efficient development of partner commitments (plans), development of partner capabilities (scorecards) and building partner-led revenue (QBRs). These problems have now been solved. Imagine a one-click report builder that provides an up-to-the-minute performance report on your partnerships.

Now doing a partnership program performance review is as easy a one-click action. You can now generate a pre-defined partner MBR / QBR report that pulls in performance data from sales, pipeline, tasks, business action, marketing plans and partner profile data in one instant report. You can now design how and what your global team of channel executives manage and motivate your partnerships. This integrated system brings all the data, reporting, charts, tasks, and updates together instantly in one partner-friendly report.

The Components of a Best Practice Quarterly Business Review Enabled by this QBR Builder

  1. Build Partner Commitments: Provide an instant update on how the partnership is achieving all key program metrics
    • Partner Performance Dashboard
  2. Build Partner Capabilities: Provide an update on how partners are developing their brand capabilities
    • Capabilities Scorecard & Action Plan
  3. Build Partner-Led Revenue: Provide an update on how partners are building business on their own
    • Business Action Plans
    • Marketing Action Plans
  4. Help Partner’s Execute Their Business Mission: Provide an update on how partners are improving on their life-stage journey
    • Task Manager
  5. Build Strong Partnerships Relationships: Provide a consistent update, action plan and review work-session with your partners
    • Quarterly Business Review Builder

All these elements are ready to snap into your custom-built QBR system for delivering a highly partner-valued consultative business review.

Channel partner management is an impossible job. There is simply too much to do, with too many partners and not enough time. Partnerships are being underserved and they are not working as well as they can. Channel partnerships are like any other relationship. They need consistency, understanding, and communication. The instant, one-click, QBR system allows channel executives to deliver all of this in minutes.

Build your Own Perfect QBR For Each Partner Type

Imagine how effective your channel team will be if they are equipped with a professional and instant performance, status, and action planning reporting system. Each partner type, level, or region has its own customized report available on-demand.

Excerpts from your custom QBR Report:

Each of these elements are selected and built into a purpose-built template based on your specifications. Channel team members will no longer have to manage a highly inefficient partner business review process.

Channel partnerships will never be the same at your organization. Every month you will be having thoughtful and earnest conversations with your partners about building a stronger growth strategy. Your channel team will be able to focus on how to address any plan shortfalls or new enablement activities rather than the historically inefficient process of building reports and pulling data manually.

Channel executives will be able to spend more time serving as a business consultant to their partners by assisting with growth, capabilities development, and end-user account planning. A key component of your partnership value proposition is how you manage joint business planning, scorecards, marketing plans, and QBRs. Your partnerships are looking to invest and build their businesses with brands that enable them to be successful. Your partner business plans, scorecards and QBRs will become the centerpiece of your business relationship.

The time to change the way you manage your channel partnerships is now. The growth and competitive advantage you will be able to gain will exceed the expectations of both your partners and field channel team.

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