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66% of Channel Executives Plan to Buy One-Click QBR Tools in 2022

66% of Channel Executives Plan to Buy One-Click QBR Tools in 2022

Our market research was conducted among registrants for last month’s webinar entitled “Transform your Channel with One-Click QBRs.” Below are the summary findings from this report. Click here to download the full research report:

Channel Research Conclusions on Roles, Goals, Tools & Intent in 2022:

Channel Sales:

  • Goals: Partner Commitments, Capabilities, and Partner-Led Revenue
  • Tools: One-Click QBR Systems
  • Intent: 66% of channel sales executives intend-to-buy in 2022

Channel Operations:

  • Goals: Efficient and “Friction-Free” partnership experience
  • Tools: PRM / CDM/LMS
  • Intent: 46% of operations executives intend-to-buy in 2022

Channel Marketing:

  • Goals:  Effective lead generation and MDF ROI
  • Tools: TPMA
  • Intent: 26% channel marketing executives intend-to-buy in 2022

Channel Finance:

  • Compliance & ROI on MDF, Incentives and Rebates
  • Tools: MDF, CIM, Rebate mgmt.
  • Intent: 21% of channel finance executives intend-to-buy in 2022

There is a growing consensus on channel investment priorities. Improving QBRs to build more committed, capable, and revenue-producing partnerships is bubbling to the top because of its direct impact on revenue and ROI.

What is Successful Channels?

Successful Channels is the world leader in QBR systems specializing in partner sales management tools.  Successful Channels launched its one-click QBR (Quarterly Business Review) system that consolidates all key partner performance dimensions in a one-click export-builder tool.  Channel team members can now produce a consolidated report with the latest performance, capabilities, & task completion status for a partnership and export to a portrait PDF file that is ready to deliver to partners.

This latest version is customized following the brand guidelines. The actual data is pulled from CRM, PRM, LMS and other systems and compared with the partner’s plan. It is also available rolled-up to the territory level and at all regional levels in the same one click-export format. Global organizations are also provided with QBRs in any language. 

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