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Pipeline Management


There are following tabs under pipeline management.

  • Set Sales Stages
  • Manage Pipeline Settings

  • Actual Sales Management

1.1 Set Sales Stages

Set Sales Stages
Add more button
Select type
Delete button
  1. User can set type for Pipeline levels, edit pipeline levels name and set deal closed probability/ Levels.
  2. User can edit Pipeline Levels Name by clicking on the input field.
  3. User can edit Set Deals Closed Probability/ Levels by clicking in the input field. Total % is 100. User can set % for deal closed probability.
  4. User can add new pipeline levels by clicking the add more button. It will create a blank row where user can put values according to their need.
  5. User can select type for pipeline level by clicking in the dropdown.
  6. In the droopdown there are following options
    • Open
    • Closed/ Won
    • Closed/ Lost
  7. User can delete the row by clicking in the delete button.
  8. After clicking the delete button, it will display a message “Do you want to delete this level”.
  9. If user click on ok button, then the level deleted permanently and if user click on cncel button, then will nothing happen to that level.

1.2 Manage Pipeline Settings

Manage Pipeline Settings
Default Opportunity Close Period
Update button
Choose pipeline levels
After clicking delete button
  1. User can edit Total Pipeline Index number. Total Pipeline Index means total number of index dispalys in a chart in frontend.
  2. User can edit Risk Adjusted Pipeline Index number.
  3. User can set Default Opportunity Close Period. If a registered opportunity is missing a close date, the selected value here will automatically add a close date by adding the selected number of days to the create date.
  4. User can enter Estimated # of Close Days, Set Uplift Percentage(%),Pipeline $ Average Deal Size.
  5. User can set Remove duplicate deals from pipeline by clicking on the check box. Select to automatically remove individual pipeline deals that have moved into sales and share the same transaction ID.
  6. User can update any changes occurs by clicking the Update button.
  7. If any pipeline levels selected, then that will display in the text box.
  8. If usr want to clear the selected levels then can do by clciking the delete button.
  9. On clicking the delete button it will display a message Are you sure? This will delete all the pipeline deals w.r.t selected levels.
  10. If user click confirm button then all the pipeline deals w.r.t selected levels are deleted.
  11. If user click cancel button then nothing will happened to the pipeline deals w.r.t selected levels.

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