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Partner-Led Revenue
Acceleration Platform:

Successful Channels is the world-leader in automated JBP (Joint Business Planning)
and QBR (Quarterly Business Review) Tools

Keys to Success for JBP / QBR Led Growth

Highly Successful QBR Masterclass Series:

Every 2 months, experts in channel sales-related best practices are brought in to highlight new techniques and tools to drive more partner-led revenue

Masterclass #15:

Building Trust-Based Ecosystems, with Technology

Jul 31, 2024 | 12:00PM EST

Team Adoption:

The #1 Most Important Factor
in Selecting JBP & QBR Tools

Successful Channels Gets Used Because it Works!

How Successful Channels Achieves Adoption
  • Adoption = Guided
  • Adoption = Attractive
  • Adoption = Integrated Best Practices
  • Adoption = Simple
  • Adoption = Living Plan
  • Adoption = Customizable
  • Adoption = Exportable
  • Adoption = Plan your Work & Work your Plan
  • Adoption = Consolidated
  • Adoption = Builds Committed Partners
  • Adoption = Builds Capable Partners
  • Adoption = No Reliance on Centralized Analytics Apps
  • Adoption = Gets Tasks Done
  • Adoption = Instant Rollup Reporting
  • Adoption = 100% alignment with brand Requirements
  • Adoption = Makes Channels Manager Jobs Fun

Continues to be the JBP & QBR Innovation Leader!

Joint Business Plan /
QBR AI Integration


Solves the Biggest Problem in the Channel One-Click Automated QBRs

One-Click QBR PDF Portrait QBR

One-Click QBR PPT Landscape QBR

Selected Clients



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