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Create New Account

  1. Go to https://<clientname>
  2. Enter Username and Password.
  3. From left navigation click on Manage Accounts > View Accounts.

4. Click on Add New +.

5. Enter values in the required field with icon “*” in front of the label.

6. Click on Add Partner.

7. New Account Added Successfully.

Edit Account

  1. Repeat step 1-3 from Ref Heading Add Account.
  2. Click on theEdit Button for existing accounts.

3. Update your Account like you did before, but this time, click Update.

4. Account is updated successfully.

Consolidate Accounts

Consolidated accounts are the collection of child accounts under a parent accounts. This functionality allows admin user to rollup Sales, Pipeline and Partner Member Data under a single parent account.

Create Consolidated Account

  1. Repeat step 1-2 from Ref Heading Add Account.
  2. Click on the Manage Accounts > View Consolidated Accounts.
  3. Click Add New +.

4. Enter Consolidated Account Name

5. Enter Consolidated Account Id or Generate

6. Click Create

Assign Child Account to Parent Consolidated Account

  1. Click on Edit.
  2. Click on the Checkbox in front of the Accounts Name which you want to add under the consolidated accounts. You can add up to any number of child accounts under the parent account.
  3. Scroll down and click Save.

Note: This is not a permanent setting admin can easily exclude any child partner account from a parent account.

Create Account Type

Account type is an optional setting. This setting can be activated/deactivated based on client requirements. This allows admin to segment the accounts by type.

Warning: Once Account Type setting is activated it cannot be deactivated back again.

  1. Repeat step 1-3 from Ref Heading Add Account.
  2. Click on Manage Settings > Configure Data Categories
  3. Under Account tab look for row value Account Type under column Fields Label.
  4. Click on Edit

5. In the pop-up change the default name or leave it as is.

6. Below the section Value enter the Names of your account type.

7. Click Save.

How to Add New Accounts and Consolidate Accounts By Account Type

  1. If Account Type is activated for any client, then when adding a new account user admin will be required to select the Account Type for the new account entries.

Warning: Once Account Type value is selected it cannot be rolled back for any account.

2. All the accounts added before this setting will have a default account type that will be the first value under the value section in the Account Type settings highlighted in the screenshot below.

3. Consolidated Accounts will have 2 tabs. Which will allow the admin user to consolidate the child accounts under a parent account based on their types.

Only accounts with the same types can be consolidated. For e.g., A account with type

Partner can only be consolidated with other accounts that have the same account type Partner.

Account Type Impact on CAM Dashboard

In the CAM dashboard the Channel Account Manager will see 2 tabs. On the following pages

  1. Account Management > Manage Your Account
  2. Account Management > Manage Perf. Dashboard
  3. Account Management > PPD Rollup Rpts.

a. Partner Level

b. CAM Level

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